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17 September 1972

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I'm a thirty-something woman who lives in northeastern Maryland with her fabulous husband, snotty cat, and loveable dog. I was born and raised in northern Delaware, and have the heart and soul of a Philadelphian. I love any and all things Philadelphia. I haven't had a decent cheesesteak in nearly 10 years. I follow the Eagles faithfully. I hate the Dallas Cowboys.

I'm an English Major, who followed up with an MBA and have a now have a job in business writing. In 2008, I decided to add extra stress to my life and go back for another Masters degree, this time in Management with a Health Care Administration concentration. It keeps me busy, and stressed, but I need a job closer to home, and feel that health care seems to be where its at!

I'm a craft junkie. I knit, crochet, do all kinds of needlepoint, scrapbook, make my own cards, and love to make my own jewelry. I have recently started a nifty little craft business of my own, selling my wares to support my habit. I knit like mad to supply the neo-natal unit at Upper Chesapeake hospital outfitted in hats and blankets. I love to read. I love to sing, loudly. I'm bad at it. I love to dance. I love to have fun. And I don't care what people think of me. I love to laugh.

I have three beautiful step-daughters, who are all less than 10 years younger than I am. They are beautiful, smart and headstrong, and I admire each of them for their internal spark. I have four handsome grandsons and four beautiful granddaughters. My step-daughters are three of my heros. I also have three gorgeous neices and one very handsome nephew, who all make me so proud. I post about all of the mquite often, and gratuitously share photos of my beautiful grandchildren. Be forwarned.

I have wonderful friends, a fantastic family, and I found happiness in my life in my 30s. I can say I'm no longer searching for "that next great thing." Instead, I'm enjoying all of the great things I've found. I'm a proud democrat, a proud woman, and a happy wife. I have a wonderful relationship with my mother and a strong relationship with my sister. My friends and family bring me joy. I pray daily for a cure to cancer and heart disease. I believe that a woman's body is her own to make her own choices. I also believe that religion and politics shouldn't ever be discussed among friends.

I am currently beginning the journey to undertake RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery. After 30 years of being a prisoner in my own body, I'm following the recommendation of my cardiologist and primary care physician to pursue this life saving surgery, put an end to my diabetes, put my heart disease in remission, and learn to life my life free of the binds in which my weight has trapped me. As of April 2009, all of the entries on this site are in regards to my journey through the process, and are therefore friend-locked. If you are interested in my regular blog, you may find me at http://goldeygrad97.wordpress.com/. If you are still interested in friending me here, I'm more than happy - leave me a comment and let me know who you are, where you found me, etc., and I will be happy to friend you back.

My journal is friends only. I post a lot about stuff that is important to me, but feel that some matters should be kept between me, and my close friends. I love to make new friends, however, so if you drop me a comment, I'll more than likely add you.

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I'm a thirty-something woman who lives in northeastern Maryland with her fabulous husband, snotty cat, and loveable dog.
Strengths: Funny, charming, witty, sarcastic
Weaknesses: Takes little crap
Special Skills: biting wit, sarcasm, cattiness, snark
Weapons: sharp tongue
Pet Peeves: gum cracking, stupidity, people who leave their turn signals on

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