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Friends Only - Comment to be added

No fancy banners, but since I'm posting a lot more about sensitive subjects (work, school, my grandchildren) you may have noticed that this blog has become restricted more and more to friends only.  I have no problem adding you, just drop me a comment.

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If you have added me as a friend recently, I'm NOT snubbing you.  My work has my access to friending blocked.  Promise I'll add you when I get home from work.

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Yoinked from Wildflower_tsw!

Comment and I'll: a) Tell you why I friended you. b) Associate you with something -- a fandom, song, color, photo, etc. c) Tell you something I like about you. d) Tell you a memory I have of you. e) Ask you something I've wanted to know about you. f) Tell you my favorite userpic from your list. g) In return, you need to post this on your own journal. (unless you already have, naturally!)
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Back to Reality

I've had a nice time off from school - preparing for surgery was my primary focus last summer and fall. But today, I bit the bullet and re-registered for Spring Semester (which starts in January). Pray for me! I made the first payment on my tuition, but I've got 5 more to go, and scraping them up is going to be fun - not. Oh recession, please to go away now.
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Stunned and Saddened

I was a very active member of my church growing up, and then as I entered college, I was active in the Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry which was also part of my home church.  I was lucky to have made some wonderful friends during my time  in the Wesley Foundation, and even luckier to have reconnected with a few of them on Facebook in the past year.

One friend in particular that I was close with was Drew.  Drew was four years older than me, but had traveled around and studied a host of things before settling at U of D somewhere around my junior year.  Drew was studying history, and making plans to enter the seminary.  I loved Drew's dry wit and humor.  He helped to get me through a pretty ugly time with my diabetes diagnosis, and was always there as a friend.

Drew was a package deal.  His girlfriend of many years was always by his side, and they married my senior year.  Drew and Donna were inseparable, and I adored both of them as good friends.  I was so glad this past year to have reconnected with Drew and Donna through Facebook.

In our years since college, Drew and Donna built a life together.  Drew became a minister, and has settled at a small church in Scranton, PA.  Drew and Donna have a cute little boy named Josiah.  Their life was good.  Until this past Spring.

I have recently found out that Donna has been diagnosed with a state 3 brain tumor.  She is at UPenn for treatment, and Drew has been updating us on his Facebook about how she is doing.  The prognosis, which came down last night, is not good.  Donna has anywhere from six months to two years left, depending on how aggressive a treatment plan they chose.  My heart is absolutely broken for this family. 

Please please matter what your beliefs, keep Donna, Drew and Josiah in your thoughts and prayers.  Donna is recovering from surgery, and will hopefully soon move into physical therapy so that they can begin radiation treatment.  No matter what comes of this, I'm praying that whatever time they have left as a family is just as wonderful as their beginning years.  Drew will be telling his little boy about his mother's illness tomorrow evening.